Postcards from Aloysius is a Bondi-based studio in Sydney, Australia, which celebrates the humble postage stamp. I’m a designer, a self-confessed philatelist and a lover for all things colourful, historical and illustrative; creating jewels out of new and used postage stamps from around the world. Most people keep these miniature art works locked away; I believe they should be adorned and appreciated for all the world to see.
The variety of postage stamps in the collections, past and present, is wide in years of wisdom, has depth in the spectrum of colours and a wealth of history captured from the many countries of origin. The context of the stamps are documented in each unique piece of jewellery, with a typed description done on one of my beloved typewriters telling the receiver the country of origin, the year of issue and depiction of the art work.
Postcards from Aloysius appreciates the beautiful and unique artwork of the stamp, to be encapsulated in a piece of jewellery to last forever.