Get Creative – Adorn Yourself with a Personalised Jewel…

The roots of the concept of commissioning your own jewel from Postcards from Aloysius derived from the many wonderful characters and personalities I have met along the way at the markets. Rightly so, it seemed that everyone had a unique story to tell, and found a unique appreciation of the individual jewels on display. After hearing some of the stories of paths trodden and future plans of those characters I met, it became clear that I could tailor-make personalised jewels to specified requests:

Some want their birth year or country of origin, others want a favourite animal or theme.

Some have inherited family members collections, part of which they would like encapsulating forever.

Some have carefully steamed off stamps from letters they’ve received once upon a time.

Some have travelled the world and want a charm for each country visited.

The beauty of commissioning a jewel is your involvement: send me your requests and your story and I shall get back to you with some ideas. Go to my ‘Contact Me’ or ‘Commission a Jewel’ page…